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  • Software Design & Development

    WTI builds smarter applications to deliver core functionalities and powerful agility. Our software is developed with the specific requirements of our customers in mind, adapting to their needs. The result is a product that creates a competitive advantage for our customers.

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  • Network & CyberSecurity

    Cyber threats have changed our world, making online security and defense a top priority for organizations of all shapes and sizes. Following industry best practices, WTI protects government and military assets and defends businesses.

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  • Planning & Budgeting

    We work with our customers’ financial offices to implement a robust, 3-step budgeting, planning and forecasting (BP&F) process that helps determine and detail long- and short-term financial obligations and goals.

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  • Managed Services

    As a trusted IT solutions provider and partner for over 10 years, we take the IT management load off our customers’ daily routine. With their IT responsibilities delegated to us, customers not only have fewer headaches, but they tap into a pool of powerful resources as well.

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Our Solutions

Software Design & Development

A well-conceived technology solution is key to the success of any business. To achieve that, our team of professionals will analyze your functional, technical, operational, and financial needs to help select the right software solutions for you, seamlessly integrating technology and business.

Network & CyberSecurity

Cybersecurity threats not only put sensitive data at risk, but can also cost your business time, revenue and resources. No one is immune to data loss incidents, and no one is better equipped than our expert team to help your business identify and close gaps that put your organization’s information security at risk.

Planning & Budgeting

Planning and budgeting are complex processes that are characterized by uncertain long-term projections, political pressures and shortages of resources. We work closely with you to make IT and finance work cooperatively toward a unified goal to improve your business operations.

Managed Services

Building strategic infrastructure, securing customers’ IT environments, ensuring data backup, providing help desk support, and staying on top of warranties and service agreements: as a trusted IT solutions partner for over 10 years, we take IT management off our customers’ daily routine.

Corporate Capabilities Statement

We build systems that unify platforms and technologies, incorporating turnkey solutions and aligning complex business processes to achieve optimal performance. We are a leading North American systems integrator for IT services and solutions, catering to the government and commercial sectors. We capitalize on our years of hands-on experience building mission-critical solutions to understand the many facets of your business and technological needs to better help you efficiently manage your enterprise. Please click here for a copy our Corporate Capabilities Statement.

Federal Contracting Information

CAGE Code: 56BP5
NAICS Codes: 541511, 541512, 541519, 541990, 541513, 541330, 511210, 611420, 236220, 541211, 541611, 541612, 561110, 561320, 562112
GSA MAS Information Technology: 54151HACS, 54151HACSRC, 54151HACSSTLOC, 54151S, 54151SRC, 54151SSTLOC, OLM, OLMRC, OLMSTLOC

latest News

January 2024

LoanDepot Breach: 16.6 Million People Impacted

Lender LoanDepot (NYSE: LDI) said Monday that roughly 16.6 million people were impacted by a ransomware attack earlier this month. As part of its incident response, the company shut down certain systems and launched an investigation. More..

October 2023

MGM, Caesars face 9 lawsuits in wake of cyberattacks

Two major casino-resort operators face federal lawsuits in the wake of social engineering cyberattacks that exposed the personal information of thousands of customers. Lawsuits allege negligence and failure to follow FTC guidelines. More..

August 2023

Tesla Says Insiders Leaked Employees’ Data

In a striking example of insider threat, a breach notification letter reveals that Tesla experienced a data leak involving personal information on more than 75,000 employees, including addresses, phone numbers, and Social Security numbers. More..

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