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Cyber Security


Web Traits has successfully completed several manifold IT cyber security projects that include providing consulting services for Vulnerability Assessments, Network Monitoring and Traffic Analysis, Information Assurance, SOC Operations, and risk assessments. Our IT solutions safeguard mission-critical systems against the widest range of internal and external threats and help facilitate government and commercial services extended over the web. Our end-to-end offensive and defensive cyber security consulting services constantly monitor and protect against breach, fraud, theft, and sabotage. We leverage years of experience in cyber security, network operations, information assurance, and certification & accreditation to successfully protect and extend our customers’ bases for critical business needs.

We provide support for implementing and maintaining logging and monitoring tools. We develop IT Security Policies and Standards for several different enterprise applications. Our primary duty is to help maintain security, integrity, and availability of all IT assets and data related to the security of applications. We are responsible for periodic audits and tests of the scanning tools and provide security reports to the management team. In several engagements, we manage the Security Operations Center (SOC) and recommend changes and improvements needed for the Security Management and supporting tools. Our engineers ensure that the implementation and maintenance of security controls are in accordance with System Security Plan (SSP) and the agency policies.

Standards for Security Categorization

We help with FIPS 199 categorization for selecting applications, completing Privacy Impact Assessment, creating SSPs, submitting SSP for completion of Contingency Plan, assist federal agencies with their Security Test and Evaluation (ST&E) and planning and providing periodic internal Risk Assessment reports to the ISSO. Our Information Security Analysts (ISAs) are responsible for documenting mitigation strategies for “findings” in the Security Assessment Report (SAR), drafting Authorization to Operate (ATO) Letter, SSP, Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M), and Vulnerability Scan reports.

We perform Security Incident Response according to NIST and agency guidelines, conduct electronic searches of enterprise data in databases and archives, shared and personal network drives etc., perform Tier 2 network intrusion and security event triage and remediation, and respond to Malware and Phishing incidents. We also conduct training sessions for other teams in different capacity.

Risk Management

Our expertise is in mitigating risks and protecting IT assets from security threats. Our team is in charge of several SOCs which allowed us to gain greater knowledge of providing end-to-end solutions for security control and operations based on FISMA and NIST regulation/guidelines. We know how to properly resolve and/or escalate security-related matters to the primary Point of Contact (POC), the protocols surrounding PIV data, dealing with false alarms and the in-depth knowledge of analytics for supporting information governance and forensic investigations. Our years of knowledge in this field supports the ability to evaluate, recommend and implement IA tools for our clients and we have adequate experience and exposure to confidently provide total security operations for large organizations and government agencies.