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For over 10 years, WTI has successfully supported multiple government and commercial agencies by implementing, managing and maintaining their cybersecurity programs for both on-premise, hosted environments and cloud environments. We have also conducted third-party risk assessments in the federal government and commercial sectors. These projects have involved a range of services, such as vulnerability assessments, network monitoring and traffic analysis, information assurance, Security Operations Center (SOC) support, and risk assessments.

Our IT solutions safeguard mission-critical systems against the widest range of internal and external threats, facilitating government and commercial services extended over the web. We offer end-to-end defensive cybersecurity consulting services to constantly monitor and protect against breach, fraud, theft, and sabotage. We leverage years of experience in cybersecurity, network operations, information assurance, and assessment & authorization (A&A) to successfully protect our customers’ information and assets based on their business needs. Our team will keep you apprised of security issues, audit status, and maintenance, while allowing business to be conducted as usual with minimal interruption from security initiatives.