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Corporate Leadership


Bhaskar Roy is the President and CEO of Web Traits with verifiable year-after-year success achieving revenue, profit and business growth in a rapidly changing corporate environment. He has extensive experience with information technology and business management, both of which require deep understanding of critical success factors and the challenges posed by different vertical markets and industries. He is highly skillful in building relationships with upper-level decision makers, harnessing control over key risk areas, and meeting customer satisfaction. He is customer-focused and performance-driven with an impeccable ability to lead and motivate teams of professionals through complex and challenging project engagements.



Allan Torres is a focused leader, recognized for delivering superior results and a Principal IT Consultant at Web Traits. He is a qualified business executive with over 5 years of experience, managing high-level corporate operations. Mr. Torres is an articulate communicator, capable of building lasting relationships with senior management of clients, partners and vendors. He is a Visionary, with a proven track record for finding innovative ways to grow revenue and increase margins. He has championed the development and implementation of strategic plans and innovative marketing ideas.