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Risk Management

Our expertise is mitigating risks and protecting IT assets from security threats. Our team is in charge of several Security Operations Centers (SOCs), providing end-to-end solutions for security control and operations based on FISMA and NIST regulations/guidelines, as well as recommending changes and improvements needed for security management and supporting tools. We properly resolve and/or escalate security-related matters to the primary point of contact (POC) and deal with false alarms, and we have in-depth knowledge of the protocols surrounding personal identification verification (PIV) data and the analytics for supporting information governance and forensic investigations. Our expertise in this field supports our ability to evaluate, recommend and implement information assurance (IA) tools for our clients, and we have years of experience and exposure to confidently provide total security operations for large organizations and government agencies.

We provide a holistic assessment of your organization’s cybersecurity posture in the context of current known threats and best security practices. We also pinpoint security vulnerabilities and interpret their risk with regard to your particular system and needs.

We implement and maintain logging and monitoring tools, as well as develop IT security policies and standards for enterprise applications. Our primary duty is to maintain security, integrity, and availability of all IT assets and data. We are responsible for periodic audits and tests of scanning tools and providing security reports to the management team. Our engineers ensure that the implementation and maintenance of security controls is in accordance with the System Security Plan (SSP) and the agency policies.

Cloud Services

The only way to guarantee the most sought-after advantages of the cloud—increased security, cost savings, and improved availability—is to ensure skilled implementation during the transition process. Our cloud experts have managed these transitions and architected enterprise cloud environments for numerous government and commercial clients, planning carefully to overcome common challenges and to maximize advantages while minimizing impact. We will ensure that your cloud environment is in compliance with FedRAMP and NIST security controls.