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Software Design & Development

We successfully complete high-visibility software development projects with demanding turn-around times that are complex and challenging. Using a rigid performance matrix, we reliably deliver extensible, integrated, high-performance software solutions that serve mission-critical business functions. Using inductive analysis and an understanding of how our customers’ systems work, we leverage our industry experience to optimize processes and devise solutions that work best for our clients. Our team brings expertise in the following technical areas:

We solve mid-tier problems in which IT managers struggle with technology upgrades, application rollouts and business problems requiring resources beyond their own capacity. Organizations frequently lack a clear understanding of how technology environments must adapt to meet ever-evolving business requirements. In addition, IT is often a complicated tangle of systems, platforms and applications, many of which have overlapping functionality and are poorly integrated using varying standards. Efforts to connect them or align them with a business process without skilled guidance can be a costly, time-consuming, risky endeavor.

While business leaders pursue acquisitions, look to integrate global operations or reorganize around business processes, our IT consultants can deliver value by developing new systems that provide a differentiated capability or by repurposing existing technologies to cut maintenance costs, achieve performance improvements and meet business transformation goals. By starting with a strategic view of your IT systems and architecture, our consultants identify opportunities to put your organization on a path better aligned with your enterprise strategy and critical business processes that delivers quicker results.