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Corporate Identity

Web Traits, Inc. understands that establishing a conceptual and visual identity is vital to web presence and effective corporate identity development The image painted must relate to the organization’s product or services offerings. A business that sells hot dogs will have a more effective image and identity using elongated rounded rectangles in its imagery than using triangles and squares. Maroons, browns and yellows would be more effective than greens and blues, for example.

Once established, the imagery should be consistent across all forms of media. The colors, shapes and symbols should be universally identifiable regardless of its media of appearance – e.g. television, magazine or on the web. McDonalds and Burger King are great examples of effective imagery across media platforms. They both consistently use logos, color schemes and shapes across their television commercials, printed materials and websites. This consistency builds the corporate identity and allows viewers of these mediums to readily identify the brands. Corporate identity must clearly establish:

Guidelines should be set to ensure consistent use of corporate imagery across mediums. These guidelines should define logos, fonts, layouts, colors, slogans and more. These guidelines should govern proper usage of corporate identity materials in letterheads, newsletters, brochures, web sites, videos, and more. These guidelines should be revisited and revised periodically to ensure effective and comprehensive use. This allows the corporate identity to easily adapt to new products and campaigns in the future.